Online Campus Tour & Fellowship Group Leader

GPI US is seeking a university student who is interested in sharing their college experience with Japanese high school students. Interest in global education and Japanese culture and experience living abroad is a plus. *Please note this is an online position.*

Duties Include:

  • Leading a 45 - 60-minute Fellowship in either a small discussion group or in front of a larger group in a panel-style discussion. This will be done virtually via Zoom.

  • Topics of discussion should range from empowering/motivating personal stories of your daily life to why you chose your school

  • The fellowship is not an admissions session, but a more personal perspective on your college experience

  • If students have trouble asking meaningful questions, we welcome you to guide the session, but please make sure to engage the students

  • Recording a 5-10-minute virtual video Tour of the campus

  • The tour should be unique and personal, based on your time at school. It can range from showing your favorite café or reading spot to your dorm or favorite classroom

  • The tour is not a Wikipedia history tour, although showing some famous spots or myths and legends is always welcome

  • If you cannot walk through your campus to record, you may use a collage of photos

Being able to engage students and draw out questions from students during the Fellowship


  • Applicants should have an interest in education, international culture, global issues, travel, and/or Japan.

  • Applicants must be fluent in English.

  • Have a reliable internet connection able to support video conferencing via an online or app-based platform (i.e. Zoom).

To Apply: Please complete our online application form here:GPI US Online Application