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Empowering Today's Youth


We connect students, families & educators through our study abroad education programs in the US and Japan

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Empowering today's youth to thrive in a global world

We believe that with the combination of our caring and dedicated staff, a network of future-focused experts, and a clear vision for how to help our students thrive in a time of great change, we can inspire and empower the next generation. Our role is to help them realize their potential by equipping them with the skills to capitalize on these opportunities and the strategies to pilot their future.

10+ Years

operating in 30+ cities across the US since 2012

500+ Schools

across the 47 prefectures of Japan have participated in GPI US programs

12,000 + Students

participated in GPI US study abroad and online programs since 2012

100 +

provide meaningful experiences for our students both online and in person every year

For Students

US Based Programs


Japan Based Programs

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Online Programs

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Get Involved


Educators & Mentors

We are  looking for people all the time, from college mentors to PhD guest speakers. Fill out our form and start the conversation!

Become a Host Family

GPI US offers families in the United States the opportunity to host international students.

Hear from our Contractors,
Mentors & Educators



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Student Testimonials

I have participated in some workshops like this, but this time was absolutely the most enjoyable and valuable for me. I have had such a wonderful time with them exchanging opinions or share own ideas, also looking at myself and see who I am. I have figured out new parts of me and at the same time, I have been sure what I really like to do through this program. I appreciate providing this opportunity to me, and sharing time with me for 5 days.

Ami, student

“I thought this program was a really cool opportunity to meet students from another country! Especially for people who are interested in building their cultural competency, this program allows you to approach both your own and another culture with a new perspective.”

Akshaya, student

I learned a lot of things though program was really short time. For example, skills to exchange opinion, to be confident, to spread my perspective, to improve myself, and also English speaking and writing skills. In addition, my dreams and goals for the future became clearer and filled with more confidence!  I also got big motivation, so I want to make efforts for my future dream.

Yoshina, student


大橋愛生, student

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