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Our Mission

Empowering today's youth to thrive

The mission of GPI US is to empower today’s youth to thrive in a global world through educational study abroad and online programs. Our top-quality programs challenge, inspire, and educate our students and help them to develop their global competency. Many of our programs deal with current challenges facing our world, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, problem solving, and communicative English. We aim to maximize students’ experiences through thought-provoking content, engaging sessions, conversations with peers, and practical discussion.

30+ Cities
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We regularly run programs in small towns and cities across the US. If you want to welcome a group of students to your town, send an email to



GPI US was founded in 2012 to develop innovative educational programs and services that incorporate the most effective and successful educational practices including the widespread usage of liberal arts curricula, the expansion of progressive education, and the proliferation of the active learning method in classrooms. Since its inception, GPI US has continuously created these opportunities for youth in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt on all international travel and consequently canceled all GPI US programs located in the US. By staying resilient, focusing on the students’ needs, and adapting to the new circumstances, GPI US was able to continue its mission of empowering youth by shifting its programs to the digital space. GPI US aims to continue expanding the types of programs and services, whether it be through online workshops or in physical classrooms, to meet the needs of students from around the world who are eager to be better equipped to engage in an increasingly globalized world.

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