White Earth

US Based Programs

 Our Students

We work with Junior High School, High School and University students from across the 47 prefectures of Japan. Our students are highly motivated and looking to challenge themselves abroad in a brand new environment while pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone.



​In the Summer, our students have the opportunity to live on a college campus and take courses in college classrooms.


​We work with local hotels and hostels to provide the best accommodations whether it’s a one night stay before flying home or a 7-day program.


​Our homestay programs allow students to truly immerse themselves in culture exchange. Many of our students bring omiyage from Japan and our homestay partners provide a diverse array of host families.

Activities & Curriculum


Most of our programs use our GPI US original Global Empowerment Mindset curriculum and Discovering New Perspective Series staffed with local facilitators and group leaders. 


Through the combination of the GPI US curriculum and the relationships our students develop with facilitators, group leaders, and guest speakers, the ultimate goal is for our students to develop confidence in their ability to learn and grow and engage with new cultures and ideas as they progress through their future careers. 



Community is what makes our programs shine. Our students have the opportunity to connect and engage with the local communities we operate in, whether that’s volunteering at a food bank or exchange presentations with a local high school. 


Our programs are carefully planned to give our students the opportunity to put into practice what they learn every day through our Global Empowerment Mindset curriculum and DNP Series. 

Our Educators and Mentors

Relationships. This is maybe the most crucial component of GPI US programs. Our educators and mentors are the back bone of our programs. We regularly hear stories from our mentors of emails from their students years later about the lasting impact our programs have as they apply to college and take on big life decisions.  


一期一会 ・ ichi-go ichi-e ・one time, one meeting


“I remember a student who spoke passionately to us about his love for art and architecture, but expressed concern over the legitimacy of his future if he chose architecture over medical school. As he returned to Japan, I was unsure what his future held for him, but a year later I received an email from him saying he had applied to study architecture! He thanked me for the support and the opportunity our program gave him to hear the stories and perspectives of others. The decision to pursue one over the other wasn’t what struck me, it was how much he had thought about it over the last year and how I was able to have an impact in such a short amount of time” 


We’re interviewing Educators and Mentors year-round, so if you’re interested in becoming a part of our mission, you can learn more on our Contractor Opportunities Page. 

Custom Program Inquiry

Most of our US-based programs are supported by our parent company ISA, however, we’re happy to hear from you and connect you with the correct people in Japan. 


If you’re in the US and want our help in creating a program for your students using our Global Empowerment Mindset or Discovering New Perspectives curricula, please submit a custom program form below and one of our coordinators will reach out to set up a meeting!


We also coordinate local school exchanges and programs traveling to Japan. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!