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We’re able to offer many of our in-person courses online for audiences in both the US and abroad. 


“In the wake of COVID-19 many students had once in a lifetime opportunities snatched right from underneath them. As hard as this is to deal with, at GPI US, we believe with resilience comes growth and with every obstacle comes a new opportunity. That’s why we’re committed to providing our students with new and unique opportunities to grow and begin to build the foundation and mindset that will allow them to thrive as they set back out in the world to make an impact.”

Chikara Kurahashi


Discovering New Perspectives (DNP)

The Discovering New Perspectives series is a growing list of workshops we’ve created at GPI US to provide students with new ways of examining and understanding the world around them. Each workshop offers students the chance to develop specific skills and thinking strategies that will help them thrive in our modern, global society.

Global Empowerment Mindset (GEM)

Born from our mission of “empowering today’s youth”, our online GEM curriculum encourages our students to step outside their comfort zone as they explore their mindset and values, and learn to thrive in an increasingly globalized society from the comfort of their own home.

Connect Sessions

“Connect” sessions are exactly as they sound! With the advances in technology, we’re now able to enhance our online programs with more diversity than before. In one program, we might provide a guest speaker from San Francisco, a Facilitator from Toronto and a Workshop from a partner organization in Boston. Our Connect Sessions truly offer an opportunity to connect and build relationships with different people across the globe.

Who is a good fit?

Our online programs are designed for everyone from Junior High School students to University students in the US and Japan. We work with our mentors and educators to tailor the content to fit the needs of the students. Our mentors participate from all over the world to connect with YOU wherever you are in the world.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

In real-time, our students learn firsthand the obstacles you need to navigate when working across cultures. Our live sessions are the synchronous learning component to many of our programs, as an American Facilitator leads a session with a morning cup of coffee while a Japanese student listens intently after finishing dinner.

Online Tutorial

With a more globalized program approach comes the very real obstacle of time differences. Our programs account for this and provide flexibility in the asynchronous components of our programs. Whether it be using tools such as Flipgrid and Padlet or providing our students pre-studies and recorded lectures, our online programs are constantly adapting to the change in the online education landscape.

Our Online Mentors and Educators

We believe our team members are key to making our programs a special experience. With our online programs, we can involve even more people from various places around the world to enhance our students’ experience. 

Custom Program Inquiry
一期一会 ・ ichi-go ichi-e ・one time, one meeting

If you’re a parent, educator, or student interested in our programs or the opportunity to connect with students in Japan, please fill out the form below, and one of our coordinators will reach out to discuss ideas and help plan a program for you or your students!

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