I'm Chikara Kurahashi



Los Angeles, CA

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Frequently asked questions

How does your role best allow you to help shape the company?

Studying and living abroad changed me in so many more ways than I could have imagined when I first left Japan to move to the US to continue my education. My experiences at a liberal arts college in Southern California exposed me to new ways of thinking and understanding the world. Even more importantly, my eyes opened to the many possibilities and options available to me to explore and discover. As the CEO of GPI US, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to provide the next generation with these kinds of life-changing opportunities that were instrumental in shaping my future. Our organization acts as a vehicle for educators who not only share this same passion and desire, but also who want to provide their students with opportunities that set them up for success in this highly global world.

What is the core mission of GPI US?

Our core mission has been and always will be “empowering today’s youth to thrive in a global world.” We are confident that our globalizing world will provide a multitude of opportunities for those students ready to navigate a more dynamic and complex world. Our role is to help them realize their potential by equipping them with the skills to capitalize on these opportunities and the strategies to pilot their future. Through our programs and services, students are able to explore their passions and build self-confidence to pursue their dreams and goals.

How is GPI US changing in the new landscape of education?

As the world changes, we aim to understand these new challenges and embrace these possibilities. We offer many program opportunities online. Our programs and services are continually adjusted to deal with our shifting world and provide potential solutions to the issues facing the younger generation from the perspective of global education.