Sam Yee


I'm Sam Yee

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Senior Program Coordinator

Hobbies & Interests:

  • cooking and watching MMA

  • listening to educational & inspiration content such as:

    • ​Kurzgesagt, Veritasium, Impact Theory, and Simon Sinek

Frequently asked questions

What is your favorite word in another language that has no direct English translation?

“Ichigo Ichie”: Every moment is unrepeatable, thus unique and precious

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

No matter what your job is, I believe one of the best feelings is hearing from someone that your team made a positive impact on that person’s life. Time and time again, I’m blessed to hear such stories from students and our contractors, allowing me to wake up excited and go to bed fulfilled, thinking, “I love this job”.

What would be your personal motto?

Never underestimate your potential to change someone’s life forever, both positively and negatively

What is a weird fact about you?

I lowkey get annoyed when people mix their curry and rice together.