I'm Tyler Bartels

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Senior Program Coordinator

Hobbies & Interests:

  • hiking, paddle boarding, skiing & waterfalls!

  • soccer (USMNT & Seattle Sounders)

  • traveling and exploring new cultures 

Frequently asked questions

What is your favorite experience abroad?

My entire trip to Myanmar. I was lucky enough to attend university with the first group of students from Myanmar that were allowed to attend university. After graduating we went to visit them and had this amazing trip through Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. It’s forced me to become more educated on the different countries that are out there, especially with the unrest and tragic actions of military rule.

What are some causes you care about?

Testicular Cancer and Parkinson’s I was diagnosed at 23 with testicular cancer (fortunately was early) and I’m now under surveillance so I try to share that experience as young men generally tend ot be of the more “I’m invincible mindset” My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s around the same time of my diagnosis. She’s incredibly strong and has achieved so much in her life and her approach to Parkinson’s has led me to learn a lot about it. The more I learn the more it informs how I carry myself and handle my own health.

What would be your personal motto?

"Be curious." I felt like I’ve always lived my life liked that, but if you haven’t seen it go watch “Ted Lasso” because I think he really drives it home in cinematic fashion. Walt Whitman probably gets more of the credit for his original quote: “Be curious, not judgmental”

What is your favorite word in the English or Japanese language?

Umai! Definitely umai. It basically means “this is good” or “delicious” (similar to another Japanese word, Oishii). It took awhile for me to understand though that it also had another meaning. Soon after learning it, I started hearing it playing futsal and basketball and quickly realized there was probably another meaning…… That other meaning is “this person is good at something” or “this person is skilled at something”