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2014 Empowerment Program in Japan

In the summer 2014, 40 University of California students went to Japan for four weeks to intern for our Empowerment programs. Some of them shared their experience during the program.

To learn more about GPI US Internship in Japan, please visit “Internship In Japan“.

Interning for GPIUS and ISA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I felt that the experience was perfect for me because I was and still am interested in Education, Japanese culture and Japanese daily life. Just to go to Japan alone is an AMAZING opportunity, especially if you have never traveled internationally. In addition, living with a Japanese family and teaching Japanese High School students and watching them grow is a very heart-warming experience. Interns had the chance to meet so many inspiring people: students, teachers, facilitators, and family members alike. So saying that it was a “eye-opening experience” is definitely an understatement. EVERYTHING about this program is great! Go sign up for this internship! Learn more about yourself, meet inspiring people, learn about Japan, and learn about the world around you! K.C. UC Davis student The GPIUS Empowerment Internship in Japan was an unforgettable experience. Although I had gone to Japan multiple times before, through this internship, I got to travel to places in Japan where I had never been before. Experiencing the differences in culture between the different places that I stayed at each week was very eye-opening. It was such a valuable experience to visit various high schools all over Japan and work with such eager students who wanted to learn from us and improve their English.I encourage anyone interested in the program to apply. It was such a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! H.M. UC Davis student Participating in the GPIUS Internship was a life-changing experience for me. Every week the Japanese high school and junior high student shared their dreams with a large audience, but I did not expect to discover some of my own dreams as well. This opportunity was inspiring, fulfilling, and touching. I have so many new connections, with my host families, the Japanese students, the other interns, and even with the Japanese culture…This internship can open up your world. E.M. UC Davis student I came into this internship thinking that it would be fun to see a little bit of Japan, but working with the students and other interns on the program material really opened my eyes to so many different ideas and opportunities for the future. The Empowerment Program, the amazingly bright students we worked with, and being surrounded by the unique and beautiful culture of Japan completely changed my idea of what I want to do once I graduate, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with this internship. E.M. UC Davis student


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