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Facing Fears and Embracing Challenge

Adventurous, courageous, and eager junior high and high school students came to visit us this past March from Kyoto. These students not only decided to travel across the world to learn and experience life in a foreign language, but also chose the city of Boston, vibrant and alive with culture and history, similar and yet very different from their native countryside.

These students pushed past their comfort zone and took the bull by the horns, as the saying goes. They participated in activities, led in English, that challenged them to think beyond tomorrow, to question the why of their dreams, to look deep into their character and personality, and challenged them to challenge the world.

The students experienced the wonderful museums of Boston, visited the humble and proud Fenway Park Stadium, and took advantage of the leading universities and the hub of technology and science based companies and workshops. They listened to inspiring speakers from Japanese Entrepreneurs successfully working in the US, a language and brain specialist, and learned how to get heard “the American Way” (not by biting your tongue and holding back your opinion!).

They finished their week (only 1 week?!) with thought-provoking and self-reflective presentations to their teachers, coordinators, and friends. These students have so much potential and we can’t wait to see where they’ll end up next.


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