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Skype Session at Polytechnic Primary School

Fourteen 5th graders at Ritsumeikan Primary School in Kyoto, Japan will come to Polytechnic Primary School in Pasadena, CA for one week immersion program in late March.  Prior to their arrival, we have Skype sessions and snail mail exchanges between Polytechnic and Ritsumeikan students.  The first Skype session took place on 1/15. Fourteen Ritsumeikan students and ten Polytechnic students participated in the session.  They “virtually” met their new friends across the ocean, introduced themselves to their new friends, and asked some questions, such as “what is your favorite Anime?” and “how much home work do you have everyday?”.  The session went very well.  Everyone had such a great time.  We are so excited to have Ritsumeikan students back again at Polytechnic this year.


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